The Gandhian Way holds influence even today, successful online session held on 15th August!

The Gandhian Way holds influence even today, successful online session held on 15th August!

The topic is relevant to you regardless of your age!! - "My Gandhi Marg Experiments" This Independence Day was exceptional not just because every house had a national flag flying high, but also because it was celebrated all over the world in countries such as Russia, Canada, London, Australia, and the United States. Aside from the amazing Independence Day celebration, a special online meeting was held on Independence Day to urge for the freedom of expression for all individuals. India is free, but are we as humans, as individuals, free in our own right?

There are various occasions when our mental strain and expression take control of the situation, reducing our ability to respond wisely. Yes, we're talking about using emotions like rage, impatience, and exasperation instead of understanding, patience, and sensible conversation.

Everyone has experienced events in their lives that they subsequently regret, stating, "it may have been better if I replied to that issue with patience and some wise potential." Dr.Virendra Singh spreads the message on how to react differently in such situations and resist the urge to react with rage.

Dr.Virendra Singh and his gandhian principle performed admirably at the online meet. Miss.Anuradha Goyal, the interviewer, asked several basic questions about the common man and his difficulties faced in our everyday life. Dr. Virendra Singh's solutions and replies helped in the Gandhian resolution of the common man's predicament.

The gathering highlighted the common problems faced by an individual to a family and finally to society. Dr.Virendra Singh immediately gave an efficient gandhian remedy to the problems encountered in all of these cases. He exemplifies how gandhian concepts can be applied to and well-practiced in real life for both personal and professional development.

The conference was also graced by the presence of three ardent readers of the book. They came from different regions of the country, including Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu. They shared their story of how they discovered this book and how important it is in their lives now.

They also highlighted some of the book's principles that they have implemented in their daily lives and benefited from. The information clarified that the gandhian principles presented in the book are 100% applicable and useful even now.

The book's content is relevant to you regardless of your age. Never again will you miss out on the secret to a better existence; download the book today to unlock the doors to your new life. You only need to adapt to the attributes that can bring you a lot of fortune, fame, and success, just as Dr.Virendra Singh did for him.

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