“30 Lakh to 20 Cr. turnover done by Vishal Kedia through recycling clothes.”

“30 Lakh to 20 Cr. turnover done by Vishal Kedia through recycling clothes.”

Vishal Kedia, the owner of U&V Fashion, started his business as a college student. He was pursuing MBA from Narseemonjee college, Mumbai.


He got a project in the college, but little did he know that his little project would turn into a massive business. The business idea was creative and rare. U&V fashions are the only fashion brand in India that recycles old clothes and redesigns them. In the early stage of the startup, he used to take worn clothes from relatives, friends, and thrift shops and get them to restyle to sell in the exhibitions. The brand is all about recycling created material using dumbed material and resew it into a new place using different art formations.

The brand used to collect old clothes from people and then used to recycle them using different machines. They used digital sources, rubber printing, and traditional block as well.


In today’s time, our environment is a significant concern. U&V fashions are boon to our environment as well. Reusing the fibers saves water, energy, dyes, and chemicals, resulting in less pollution and less waste. The 3R(reduce, reuse, and recycle)we have to listen to this concept for a very long time now, we are trying to use it in our houses like recycling, newspaper, plastic bottle, so why not clothes, fibers are equally important for the environment which we use in a bulk quantity, Vishal came up with the solution reduce, reuse and refashion in which they try to redesign clothes which are already existing. It is a unique concept that will help us to achieve sustainable development.


 The company started with 30 lakh, and today the turnover of the brand is 20 crore.


 In the beginning, Vishal used to get judged by people for collecting old clothes doubting the potential of the business, but he was determined and had a fire to do something. He was the one-man army. He did the work from scratch to the end product, collecting clothes to redesigning them. He did it all single-handedly. After some time, he realized he needed to build a solid team to build his brand big. He firmly believes that a brand is nothing without a strong team. Every brand should focus on building an enthusiast team.


The brand promotes the recycling process and how recycling can be boon to us.U&V fashions have worked with some famous brands like Zara, kazoo, etc. Most of the distribution and collection is done through online stores fashion stores.


Today Vishal owns two factories, six studios, a corporate, private house limited. He has been awarded the entrepreneur of the year. He has built up a team of 126 enthusiast people. The most significant support system in this journey is Vishal’s loved ones. This dream has turned out to be a fire in his heart, and if there is a fire, it will definitely spread. Starting the journey with just the business idea and making a turnover of 20 crores wasn’t easy. He has faced several failures during this journey, but he believed in himself and hustled with the thought that we can get anything in life if we are optimistic. In the beginning, people might judge you for what you are doing, but you don’t have to convince them you should have a clear vision of your business. The only person you need to convince is yourself. Hundreds of people are going to come in the way some might doubt your potential. You don’t have to stop yourself because of their thoughts just believe in yourself. Vishal’s vision is to create more natural fabrics that will boon and protect our environment and promote his own label and brand in the future.


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