Meet Rakhi Kapoor: Bestselling Author, Pioneering Physiotherapist, and Fearless Advocate for Women's Wellness!

Meet Rakhi Kapoor: Bestselling Author, Pioneering Physiotherapist, and Fearless Advocate for Women's Wellness!

Rakhi Kapoor is a renowned author of twenty six books, a physiotherapist who pioneered the concept of prenatal counselling in India. She is the recipient of many prestigious national and international awards including the Golden Book Awards 2023 and 2024 for her book Now You Breathe  and Breaking Free Embracing Me. Rakhi Kapoor has been recognised nation-wide for creating social impact through her books and counselling sessions towards maternal and foetal health, Mental health, Women empowerment & wellness, abuse against women and children. Rakhi published her first book, “The Girl Who Was Left Behind” in 2017 - a story that was transcribed from her personal experience in Nepal. 


Five of her books topped the best seller chart in its category on Amazon India.


Rakhi Kapoor believes that healthy and harmonious human interactions and relationships be it personal, professional, or intercultural are the basis of a society which determines the progress of every nation in turn impacting the whole human race. Rakhi delves on the most neglected but essential subjects in Indian society related to mental health, relationships, abuse, and women empowerment through her writing and her work; rallying up support and generating awareness for the causes she believes in.


Rakhi pioneered the concept of prenatal counselling in the country through her center Dwi Maternity Studio in Chennai. Rakhi herself had a traumatic childbirth experience. Having got back on her feet after all her struggles after childbirth, breast feeding and post-natal blues she took it upon herself to curate these sessions and write meaningful books so that young women would have practical guidance to make their journey smooth. She has counselled thousands of young couples, expecting women and new moms making the transition into parenthood smooth for over two decades. Rakhi Kapoor has written several books on pregnancy, childbirth, mental health, and infertility for young couples.


Rakhi Kapoor is an established businesswoman. She is the co-founder of the popular Clothing Brand from South India called Derby Mens Wear headquartered at Chennai. As much as Rakhi loves staying indoors engrossed in writing she also loves to travel extensively and trek mountains in various parts of the world. She has completed treks to  Spiti Valley, Mt Fuji, The Everest base camp, Mount Kilimanjaro, Harmukh Glacier, Annapurna circuit. Rakhi believes that challenges and difficult circumstances are opportunities in disguise to grow in life. Rakhi regularly addresses gatherings at various social clubs, corporate organisations and colleges on topics like Health and wellness for women, relationships, entrepreneurship and creative writing.


Rakhi Kapoor has been recognized in various prestigious forums and received national and International Awards. Rakhi has been awarded the author of the year 2022 at the National Achievers Award in December 2022 at the constitution Club of India. Rakhi Kapoor has been awarded the Women Rising Star title in the  6th Asian Litfest 2024 in New Delhi conducted by the Asian Literary Society . She has also won the prestigious Writeinfluence award Season 3 and Season 5 for her books Now You Breathe and Rebelina  respectively.She has been awarded the Nonfiction Author of the year 2023 and the Non-fiction writer of the year 2024 in the Ukiyoto Literary festival for her books Now You Breathe and Breaking Free Embracing Me respectively.


Rakhi Kapoor has been recognized as the Women face of the year 2023 and 100 influential personalities of 2023 by Fox Story India. She has received the Exceptional women of Excellence Award 2022 by Yuukke , a global ecosystem for women.