With Affordable, Accessible and Online Learning from Experts, Elev is assisting you in turning your hobby into a career

With Affordable, Accessible and Online Learning from Experts, Elev is assisting you in turning your hobby into a career

This is 2022 and without a doubt, an era of Digitization that can be witnessed across every sector. Education and Skill Development is one such vertical that has been successful in incorporating modern-day technological advancement and nurturing new ways of making things easy for the people. Ed-Tech is a primary example of this and which was, at the time of the Pandemic, a compulsion, is now a new norm. Numerous Ed-tech platforms have emerged since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus that are helping students in imparting knowledge and learning regarding various subjects & fields. However, it is also crucial to apply these technological advancements to unexplored areas which have a lot of potential. Limiting just to provide subject or course learning through these Ed-tech platforms will be similar to using a sword to cut an apple. Understanding this and with an aim to provide online practical learning courses across a plethora of fields like Art & Craft, Dancing, Makeup, Film Making, and much more, Elev, which is not just an Ed-tech platform but a talent scouting platform was launched.







India is moving towards becoming a global superpower in the upcoming decades and with people understanding the importance of Skill-Development alongside the Government giving it a major push, this is something that is going to play a major role in determining not just the country's future but also the future of individuals. Unlike the older traditional times, the youth of today’s generation is not just limiting themselves to Engineering, Medical, and MBAs but are following their passion and showcasing their immense potential and talent in numerous fields like Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Film Making, Sports, Photography and much more. This indeed is a good sign for society however, when it comes to infrastructure or training facilities in these fields, there is an issue. If everything goes fine, the fee for the training of these courses is very high, making them expensive for the masses. Another issue that students face is that most of the renowned training or mentorship-providing brands are located in major metropolitan cities, making it difficult for people from small cities to pursue their hobby and turn it into a career.

Elev- The giant problem solver

Elev is an online talent scouting platform that aims to improve the lives of people through learning and by assisting them to turn their hobbies into a dream. Loaded with advanced level technologies like Artificial Learning, Elev is not just an Ed-tech platform for students but is a one-stop destination for any eLearning. By providing you with a wide range of courses like Ketogenic Diet, NFT, Modern Singing Learning, Modern Astrology, Baking, French Language, Jazz Fusion and etcetera in just a single click, sitting at your home, Elev is effectively and efficiently solving the issue of relocating to a new city alongside providing you accessibility and numerous options under a single roof.


The courses are meticulously-designed and flexible https://elev.co.in/courses/. For Example- If one wants to just have a basic understanding and knowledge about a particular subject, he/she can opt for a beginner level course whereas if one wants expertise in a course, they can go for a complete package, covering beginners, intermediate and expert level. Elev is not just solving the issue of Accessibility, Flexibility but also Affordability. You must be wondering how. Well, the courses for various categories like Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Film Making, Sports, Photography, and much more are kept very minimal with some courses starting at just INR 99 only.





Industry Experts as the teaching faculty

It would be a dream for a budding cricketer to learn from Sachin Tendulkar or a young singer would love to take tips from Arijit Singh, the same way, people like to take learning lessons from industry experts. Elev has made this impossible-looking dream come true for lakhs of people across India. By roping in some of the big names from various verticals, Elev is delivering the best through video tutorials and live classes by some of the leading names across various sectors.

The platform has some top-notch names like Urfi Javed (Beauty and Fashion) Noor Sehgal (Modelling), Palak Purswani (Acting), Lipakshi Kocher (Makeup), Bhawani Sharma (Yoga Mediation), Aarja Bedi (Fitness), and Kanishk Jain (Digital Marketing) that are working with them to make the entire learning process exciting and interesting.

With Skill Building, Beauty & Fashion, Health & Fitness, Astrology, and much more, all under one roof, Elev is helping you fulfil your long dream of pursuing your hobby and making a name for yourself. Incepted about a year ago, the online talent scouting platform has been successful to help many people come out with flying colours. Not just catering to providing you with the appropriate mentorship and skills, but they also provide you with certificates and degrees, making things credible.


So, what are you waiting for? Enrol, Acquire. Excel with Elev.