UTTARIYA: The brand with a conscience

UTTARIYA: The brand with a conscience

India’s rich cultural heritage reflects in its many forms of art. Be it music, dance, fine arts, or fashion, our country has a very distinctive place in each of these fields, and all of that comes together to become an integral part of our diverse and vibrant culture that’s spread across boundaries to create a global impression. When it comes to culture, the world looks up to us.

As we speak of cultural heritage, we cannot help but mention those who strive everyday to keep these forms of art alive. India’s rural artisans are a vast community of artistic experts who come with years of experience and inherited craftsmanship that needs to be preserved and Uttariya is helping preserve it.


An up and coming ethnic fashion brand, Uttariya has grown to be identified as the ‘Home of Handloom’. The brand has time and again proved its mettle by creating handcrafted perfection that stems from our traditional roots. Uttariya’s products range from sarees and blouses, to menswear, and even home decor. But it’s not the diversity of its products that is Uttariya’s USP. The brand takes pride in reviving and promoting India’s inherent handloom culture by creating opportunities for our community of artisans and providing them with a platform that puts their craft out there for the world to appreciate.


The rise in fast fashion which comes with its own price-point advantage has definitely created a hurdle in the path of growth for the handloom industry. Uttariya therefore tries to overcome this obstacle by bringing on board weavers and craftsmen who optimise their expertise in the field to create unmatched authenticity that sets industry benchmarks, ultimately leading to an increased yet justified value of these products in the minds of the consumer.

An example of Uttariya’s tryst with artisanal craft is the range of sarees that Uttariya offers. What is becoming a rage among the brand’s customers, the saree line boasts of purity, and craftsmanship like no other. Uttariya integrates storytelling into its designs, either through conceptual artwork that accentuate the look of the fabric, or through intricate patterns that speak volumes of the painstaking craft put in by its artisans.



The Dongria Saree - A Tribal Gem, is one of Uttariya’s flagship saree collections that has truly grown to become a gift of love, carefully created and dedicatedly designed by the Dongria Kondh tribe of Orissa. Uttariya ensures to keep the art form intact, not just through how the saree is woven but also by using subtle symbolism in its patterns that are a reminder of our cultural roots.


Another fine example of Uttariya’s efforts towards reviving age-old crafts is another one of their signature saree collections, Begumpuri Saree - Queen Gharana. Uttariya has managed to make this line of sarees extremely popular among its consumers, thereby playing a significant role in reviving the Begumpuri tradition that has been a core part of the Indian handloom industry for years.


Apart from the delightful saree collections, Uttariya also specialises in designer ethnic dresses, handcrafted jewellery, unique blouse designs, and a distinctive range of home decor items.


Spreading their wings into the world of contemporary fashion, Uttariya houses a special collection in menswear. The extensive men's collection has been created using the finest handloom fabrics, and adorned with classic, yet exclusive designs that perfectly blend the vintage vibe of cultural hues with colours of modernity. Specializing in men's casual wear, Uttariya creates each of these products with the help of its expert craftsmen and with a hint of tradition.


Another element that takes brand Uttariya ahead of its contemporaries in the ethnic fashion market segment is the variety of products it creates. An elegantly ethnic look is never really complete without accessories. And Uttariya brings to you a unique, handcrafted range of jewellery, starting from necklaces, to accessory sets. These creations are rooted in culture, and have been handmade to add to the essence of authenticity.


Apart from a noteworthy selection of jewellery, Uttariya also boasts of a classic collection of home decor items, handmade with love, to add some gorgeous rustic shades to your space.


Uttariya is gradually making its place in the competitive market by delivering on its promise of authenticity and by striving to adhere to its values of putting Indian cultural heritage at the forefront.


You can shop for their exclusive line of products on https://www.uttariya.com/