“The Joys of Crisis”: Embracing difficulties with a smile

“The Joys of Crisis”: Embracing difficulties with a smile

Finding joy in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is a real sign of leadership. The journey to achieve something extraordinary is not smooth sailing and often riddled with great difficulties. It is a test of decision making and perseverance of an individual when you encounter a crisis and how you overcome it successfully. Be it an individual or an organisation, the growth and progress depends on successful crisis management. It’s not possible for all to withstand the impediments and they give up mid-way. However, when you embrace all the struggles with a smile for the larger goal in life nobody can stop you from emerging as a leader. We all face difficult situations in life and how we react in trying times defines our personality. Embracing difficult times with courage shapes destinies, helps to navigate uncertainties, and propels organisations towards growth. "The Joys of Crisis" is not just another book on leadership; it is a guiding light for those seeking to transcend the ordinary and embark on a journey of complete transformation in both personal and professional spheres.

"The Joys of Crisis" delves into the very essence of leadership, while enlightening the reader with the real crisis management experiences and insights shared by the author. Drawing inspiration from boardrooms to real-world experiences, “The Joys of Crisis” offers a complete roadmap, which can help you to hone leadership qualities.

Here is a book that chronicles the ways to embrace struggles and difficulties with a smile and set out on the path to success.

Uday Shankar Awasthi, the Managing Director and CEO of IFFCO, the largest cooperative organisation in the fertiliser sector, has set an example for all with his exemplary career path and his life experiences that will be inspiring for all.

"The Joys of Crisis" narrates the journey of Uday Shankar Awasthi's life, his struggles, triumphs, and the testament to his commitment and dedication. It serves as a mirror to his personality, allowing every reader to reflect and introspect to discover the mantra of success in life. This book not only tells the story of an individual's struggle but also delves into the success saga of an organisation that grew from a small cooperative to the largest cooperative organisation in the fertiliser sector.

Awasthi not only turned IFFCO into a major cooperative but also made it the biggest advocate of farmers’ welfare and progress. It was his vision that propelled this cooperative organisation to such great heights. Undoubtedly, the tale of this journey is full of real life experiences to turn a crisis into an opportunity to achieve success. The book beautifully brings it to light with practical examples, based on the experience of the author.

The book narrates the journey of the author from a village in Uttar Pradesh to create an identity for himself in the power corridor. It’s the journey of a child who faced all the challenges of life, confronted them head-on, and, through sheer perseverance, created a place for himself in a world that most people can't even dream of. Awasthi was not only an excellent and successful manager but he was also a highly compassionate human being. He wanted to do something for the country and the farmers, and he succeeded in achieving something unimaginable. Success is not easy. How difficult the path to success is, and how individuals like Awasthi, with a far-reaching vision, utilise their time and abilities to make this path easier, can be easily understood through this book.

Awasthi took the charge of a small cooperative society and raised it to the world stage, from setting up modern fertiliser plants in the country and abroad to developing fertilisers like nano urea, making the country self-reliant in the product. The book sheds light on the world of cooperatives, the different dimensions of management, the challenges in the agricultural sector, and their solutions, the use of modern technologies, and the plan to make the country self-reliant in urea. It informs the readers about things that everyone would want to learn.

Whether you are a CEO steering a company through a tough situation, a community leader trying to resolve a social crisis or a budding professional yearning to make it big in the corporate world the book would help you to overcome all limitations on your path to excellence.