Sangita Konar International Actress / Super Model / International Beauty Queen, Canada

Sangita Konar International Actress / Super Model / International Beauty Queen, Canada

Sangita Konar, International Actress, Super Model, and Winner Beauty Pageant in Canada 2020-2021, Winner India’s Next Super Model 2021, Grand Asia Queen 2022. As a Queen, she is representing her country, and global community and contributesto the best for the global community and society.

International Celebrity Queen Sangita Konar, belongs to a highly educated and highly famous Doctor family. According to herbackground,she has a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Studies from Australia. She is an internationally highly educated lady.  She has an excellent academic background as well as following her own passion. According to her corporate career, she has worked for different organizations. She loves traveling and she has traveled to different countries in the world.  She loves fashion, she has a great sense of style and fashion. She is a Fashion Icon. 

 As an International Actress/Model, she has been working on various Acting and Modelling projects in, INDIA and CANADA.   She is also a Cover Girl for many International Magazine Worldwide. As a Cover Model, she has been published in the USA, CANADA, INDIA, FRANCE, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, and many more.She is a Global Icon

She has received the “Best Model 2021” Award from PARIS, FRANCE. She has been published as “Most Influential Women in the World “by a leading International USA Based Magazine. She has received the SDP Top International Iconic Women Award 2022”.She has received the “Most Influential Fashion Icon” Award 2022.  She has been awarded a Bollywood Actress. She has also received the “Education Leadership Award” as an Internationally highly educated lady. She alsogot the World Leader and Achiever Award for “Outstanding Young Leader Of the Year”.   Recently she has been awarded the International Brilliance “Actress Of the Year (Canada) “Award.  She has been awarded the “Blissful Queens World Achievers Award 2022” from London UK  

She has been selected as ‘A jury Member’ with Bollywood Actress for Beauty Pageant.  She has been honored as “Show Stopper” and “International Celebrity Guest” many times. She is a famous award-winning International Actress, Super Model, and International Beauty Queen.