KayVeeDee- A rapper who has a story to tell

KayVeeDee- A rapper who has a story to tell

Dreams are the driving force that pushes an individual to extreme boundaries and gives a purpose to people’s lives. Dreams give confidence to people and enable them to do all the impossible things. Dreams define a man’s life, demand that man to dedicate himself, and then take that same man to the heights he has never seen before and to the fortune he could never imagine. This is the story of one such dreamer among countless others, but what sets him apart is his unquenchable desire to achieve his dream, his earnest efforts to take leaps, and the burning urge that never extinguishes. KayVeeDee is a rapper and hip-hop artist who is steadily working his way up the ranks. He chose to be a rapper because of his unique urge to not remain silent and sway away like millions of people do. KayVeeDee wishes to be that one person who makes a difference and turns the tables up and down through his songs.

The journey of KayVeeDee is quite an interesting one, and the inspiration for his decision to begin creating and performing rap songs is very endearing. We come into contact with a lot of people throughout our life; some of them tend to speak everything out, while others choose to keep their feelings to themselves while secretly want to talk but choosing not to out of introversion. The case is the same with KayVeeDee as well. Being an introvert, he couldn’t speak his heart out, and that’s when he chose to pen down all the feelings on paper and sing them as songs. He found this practise exciting, close to his heart, and showed him a way to convey his words. Rap acted as a bridge between him and the world.

KayVeeDee, also known as Kushan Vijaykumar Damodar, is like everyone of us who hustles everyday between office and home and spends his free time with his lovable family. The most ironic thing about KayVeeDee’s family is that all of his family members work for the government sector, while KayVeeDee is the only one to work for a private firm. On a funnier note, he often refers to him as the black sheep of his family. From Monday to Friday, this man is Kushan Vijaykumar Damodar, and on the weekends, he is KayVeeDee. The entire weekend is dedicated to hip hop works, and Kushan Vijaykumar Damodar brings the rapper KayVeeDee to life on weekends, and this journey of transitions began two years ago.

KayVeeDee saw hip hop and rap as an escape from the routine, monotonous life, and he does not insist that rap is just a hobby or a timepass activity; he claims it as his dream and passion. In the words of KayVeeDee, aspirations are worthwhile to pursue until they interfere with learning and family ties; this is the basis for his transitions and the exquisite coordination between his family, work, and dreams. KayVeeDee wishes to write songs about real life situations that he has gone through or about those he has seen others go through first hand.

KayVeeDee believes that everyone on this magnificent planet has a genuine reason to live for, and he realised that his purpose and reason is to speak out and bring awareness through his rap songs and hip hop works, and this reason is what drives him forward to put effort in, work hard, and motivates him to stay strong whatever setbacks may come. KayVeeDee wants to break the shackles of orthodox norms and beliefs that are rooted in our traditions and cultures about money, colour, status, and intelligence. He wants to establish the fact that everyone is unique in their own way, and being normal is not a sin. KayVeeDee firmly believes that one need not put oneself in a continuous race and it is worthless to strive to prove one’s worth to the world all the time. KayVeeDee’s ideas and principles, conveyed through his rap songs, need to be heard by everyone as they speak the hard truths explicitly, and the world needs to change with the changing times for a better tomorrow. These words and beliefs imbibed in the works of KayVeeDee deserve to stay immortal, and the coming generations will surely remember that "KayVeeDee was here".

YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/KayVeeDee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/i.am.kay.vee.dee/