Interview with the multifaceted personality Mr. Avinash Singh and his life as a mentor to 1 million people globally

Interview with the multifaceted personality Mr. Avinash Singh and his life as a mentor to 1 million people globally

Mr. Avinash Singh is a well-known motivational speaker, wellness coach, lifestyle trainer, and trainer in digital marketing, forex, and cryptocurrencies. He has trained over 1 million individuals and shared his 20 years of experience with the globe. Mr. Avinash Singh, is a mentor, coach,and founder at Yes Academy.

  1. Indeed you are a multifaceted personality, how has been your life by far in the last 20 years?

- Although my life has been full of ups and downs and has not been like other people, that moment marked a turning point in my life. It taught me valuable lessons and helped shape who I am at this point in my life. I have appreciated every high and low in life, but I have always maintained my vision through hard work. I believe I still have a lot to accomplish. My life has been my biggest teacher and a source of inspiration for me. I have given wings to every talent, skill, and knowledge I possess. I can state with confidence that the difficulties I faced in my early years have paid off handsomely in the present, when I feel respected, cherished, and loved by everyone around me. As I've already stated, I believe I still have a long way to go.

  1. Please enlighten usabout Yes Academy.

- ‘Yes Academy’ stands with the full form of ‘Your Earning System’. ‘Yes Academy’ was founded with the goal of empowering everyone to become financially independent. Financial literacy is crucial in today's date for all age groups which is also impossible without an earning system for everyone. However, if a person's earning potential fluctuates in any way, it hinders their ability to achieve financial independence. Many people have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic, so I decided to start Yes Academy to educate and keep people informed so that, in the event of any unforeseen events, they would be able to support themselves only on the basis of their talent and with the aid of the internet. ‘Yes Academy’ envisions making people aware so that everyone can survive under any financial emergency.

  1. How do you define success?

- The definition of success varies from person-to-person basis the priority of their life but for me success means a small step that can create a humongous change in life. Success is not a tagline that depends on how rich your financial status is, but a small act that’s creating a positive impact in your life is actually what success is all about.

  1. As a wellness and lifestyle coach, what is your observation of today'sgeneration?

- No matter how affluent you are, in my opinion, if you don’t have sound health, everything ultimately fails. Your physical and mental well-being are blessings from the Almighty, but it is your duty to take good care of them. Somewhere, the changes to our environment are affecting our health as well. Because our lifestyle ultimately has an impact on how we look and feel, we must practice self-control when it comes to what we eat and how often we exercise.

  1. How do you coach someone whose physical health is impacting their mental health?

- It varies from person to person, depending also on how serious the circumstance is and at what level it first arose. I begin the counseling after assessing the overall health of a person, and I explain what has to be done and how it should be done to help them feel more confident. No matter how hard you attempt to persuade people otherwise if their confidence is not boosted, it will never have any effect on them. It's crucial to have self-confidence since it makes you successful in all facets of life and ensures that you triumph in any situation.

  1. As a stock market forex trainer, please highlight the importance of the financial independence of today's youths.

- The country's government is the only entity that can reform the educational system, but it doesn't seem to cover topics like finance and law. When it comes to finances, anyone who lives outside of India always takes expert advice before making any type of investment. Every salaried worker in the modern era struggles when it comes to saving money in India. In that situation, if we teach every youth about financial literacy at an early age in their career, after a certain number of years that small amount of saving will eventually replace millions of rupees. However, without proper knowledge,it isn’t possible. How much you save from your earnings matters more than how much you make, for sure!

  1. You are in the field of cryptocurrency it’s been many years now, how do you support the statement of cryptocurrency being a sustainable market. Does it have a future?

- Cryptocurrency is a wide topic, and in light of this tendency, I believe it is only for individuals with extensive education and huge monetary resources. However, everyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies must take a significant risk, which is difficult for most common people because it requires a significant financial commitment. In my opinion, it is also practically impossible to do so. Few people are familiar with it yet, and less than 4% of people globally are involved in it. However, cryptocurrency has experienced such huge development throughout its history in terms of big returns on modest investments that it is impossible to succeed in it without any special abilities or understanding. I believe that everyone in India should be aware of cryptocurrencies and that everyone should continue to invest even a small sum—a few hundred or thousands of rupees—in cryptocurrencies because they provide larger returns.

  1. What is your words of wisdom for today's youth?

- Time is very important and it waits for none, so I feel with every change every youth must keep themselves updated and educated with various advancements so that further in the future they are not barred from any skills and knowledge when they actually need to amend in practical life.

  1. Anything else you wish to share.?

- Throughout my life, I have interacted with a variety of people and took classes all over the world. After considering everything, I have come to the conclusion that "Knowledge has no expiration date." The more you learn, the better you understand the world around you, but this does not necessarily indicate that you can put it into practice. Similar to mistakes, they are a part of life and must never be repeated. Instead, we must learn from them and never make the same mistake twice. You become stronger as a result of it!