India’s upcoming No.1 feminine hygiene brand, FemiSafe, inclined towards bringing feminine health awareness

India’s upcoming No.1 feminine hygiene brand, FemiSafe, inclined towards bringing feminine health awareness

Menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) are essential to the physiological well-being and empowerment of both women and adolescent girls. More than 300 million are menstruating at any moment, and the data shows, on the whole, around 500 million lack access to menstrual products and competent facilities relating to menstrual hygiene management (MHM). To adequately manage menstruation, girls and women require access to affordable sanitation and hygiene facilities. Though menstruation is a normal and healthy part of life, it still continues to be constrained by cultural taboos and discriminatory social norms in society. The lack of information leads to unhygienic and unhealthy menstrual practices creating misconceptions that lead to shaming, bullying, and even gender-based violence. Owing to this, several brands, along with supplying personal care and feminine hygiene products, are also creating awareness in society. Such a brand that is working towards serving humanity, especially females, is FemiSafe.


The brand is considered to be a women's best friend and strives to ingest their pain making life easy and comfortable. The sustainable menstruation hygiene brand spares no effort to address the customer's pain point and be vocal about sexual health and the problems nobody talks about. Catering to this, FemiSafe, through Instagram, corroborates their ideas by taking the help of influencers to bring awareness to society about menstrual hygiene. While working towards being India's No.1 feminine hygiene and personal care brand, it investigated various problems related to menstruation and launched products to resolve the issue. Such one product is a longer stem menstrual cup. Having different anatomies, it gets difficult for a person who is tall or has a higher cervix to find a menstrual cup that fits perfectly. The longer stem menstrual cup solves these issues and provides an ideal fit menstrual cup. Simultaneously, people with the lower cervix can just cut the stem, making it suitable.


Apart from the menstrual cup, there are a variety of products that the firm deals with. Few to name are menstrual cup sterilisers, face razors, body razors, aloe vera gel, and herbal intimate wash. The herbal intimate wash is one of the few herbal intimate washes available. In addition, FemiSafe is the first in India to launch a non-electrical affordable steriliser to disinfect the menstrual cup. To create awareness about sexual health and bust myths relating to the menstrual cup, the brand went to different colleges, took live sessions on the topics, and distributed menstrual cups at the end of the session.


Talking about the idea behind the inception of such a crucial firm, Co-Founder Noureen Aisha said, “The idea to dawn the company was conceived during the mid-Pandemic. Since my early days, I have been more inclined toward building awareness in society. With time, I learned that feminine care and personal hygiene are barely explored areas leading to an unhygienic and unhealthy menstrual process. When the Pandemic hit the country, there was limited access to sanitary napkins and the troubles of disposing of them, along with various menstrual health issues that came with it. All this chaos inspired me and my husband, Naseef Nazar, to create a brand purely for menstrual hygiene products.”


“In addition, Co-Founder Naseef Nazar said, “Our very first products were menstrual cups made of 100% medical-grade silicone and the Silicone Sterilisation Cups used to sterilise menstrual cups. We aim to break the stigmas and taboos revolving around menstruation and feminine hygiene and intend to introduce many pathbreaking products in the near future."


Standing out from the crowd, FemiSafe focuses on South India, especially Tier II and Tier III cities, unlike other companies. Incepted in December 2020, the brand is also a part of the Kerala government’s awareness campaign where Kerala MP will distribute one lakh menstrual cups for free. The brand is also vocal about sexual health and promotes it through various campaigns and social media. Apart from being accessible on their website, the company's products are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Snapdeal, and many more. The Kochi-based couple is taking pains to bring attention to menstrual hygiene and launch products for people's benefit.