Dhruv Jatti: Intellectual, Sharp and Handsome - Becomes The Talk of Karnataka

Dhruv Jatti: Intellectual, Sharp and Handsome - Becomes The Talk of Karnataka

After distributing over 2,000 free doses of vaccination, helping 3,0000 migrant workers during the pandemic and donating 538 hospital beds to the government during COVID19, Dhruv has yet again become the talk of the state, when on his 23rd birthday, August 4th 2022, He decided to distribute over 1 Lakh Free Notebooks in the villages of Terdal, Bagalkot District in North Karnataka. 

This region is said to have a large number of veteran leaders who will be entering the final stages of their political careers. Dhruv Jatti is turning out to be a strong face of the Congress Party in this region. The public has begun to voice their opinion of wanting a Youth Leader who can drive the region towards Development. Having strong acceptance from the public due to his Great Grandfather Shri. B.D Jatti - Vice President of India’s blessings, Dhruv Jatti, has turned out to become a promising alternative. 

Jatti holds a degree in International Relations from Jindal School of International Affairs, Delhi. He has a deep urge to contribute to the Development of North Karnataka and the upliftment of disadvantaged communities in the region, and He belongs to the politically dominant Lingayat Community. 

Dhruv also plays an important role in the National Students Union of India, where he is the State General Secretary for Karnataka. He was specially selected by D.K Shivakumar, President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee. 

You should keep a close watch on Dhruv Jatti and his performance amongst the public.