Gateway International - Fulfilling the dreams of aspiring students.

Gateway International - Fulfilling the dreams of aspiring students.

Education plays a critical role in broadening one's knowledge, developing one's character, and shaping one's personality. Education is widely held to be one of the most critical factors in leading a good and honorable life in today's world.

It has become a need of the hour mandatory for Indian students to pursue higher education abroad. It introduces them to a new world full of opportunities, broadening their horizons, meeting new people, learning about a different culture, and gaining a new perspective on the world.

Gateway International is a consulting firm dedicated to Indian students; by assisting them in fulfilling their dream of pursuing higher education abroad and ensuring that the process is as smooth, safe, and secure as possible.

Gateway International, a name to reckon in global education, was established in 2009 in Udaipur, Rajasthan - India. Gateway International, over the years, believed in the need for education in foreign countries and has become a catalyst in emphasizing the importance of education abroad.


Gateway International’s (GI) vision is to become the world's leading overseas education consultant, with the mission of assisting students in making the best decision possible when pursuing higher education in foreign educational institutions.


Despite the numerous benefits of studying abroad, many people struggle to decide and are hesitant to take the next step. The most important reason is that they couldn't put their faith and trust in leaving their children in a foreign place with no one to look after them.


Another primary reason is that both the parents and students are unaware of the proceedings, whom to contact, and what documents they need to arrange.


GI proudly assists all parents and students with the entire process of enrolling in foreign universities and ensuring the comfort, convenience, and security of the students.


After booking a counseling session with GI, they take care of everything, from beginning to end. This team enquires whether the student is looking for a particular course, university, or country or has some other requirements. They then suggest steps to the student regarding the further process.


As a next step, the team will help the student submit an error-free application to the desired university and course and keep the student updated on each step. GI even trains the student regarding the interviews for university admissions and tries in every possible way to get a final acceptance letter from the university.


Once the acceptance letter is received, the GI visa team will be at your service from the initial documentation to the final visa interview. Once the visa is approved, the team will handle all travel arrangements, and their ex-students will even meet or pick up the students at the airport in the foreign country.


The best thing about Gateway International is that they make all of the necessary arrangements in advance, such as currency conversion, accommodation, international

sim card allocation, travel assistance, and many other services relieve both the student and the parents of any stress.


They ensure that the concerned student is safe in a foreign land, assist him to find part-time work, and remain with the students throughout them during their highs and lows.


Gateway International has been successful in providing its services and helped many aspiring students to achieve their dream, and that's the reason for their success and rapid expansion from one branch to many other branches in cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Kota, and Banswara within a very short time from the establishment.


They have been associated with reputable countries like the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, and many others, and tied up with the most renowned universities like…………………………………., and the list never ends.


GI is associated with the great work of enabling aspiring students to achieve their dreams by assisting them in overseas education. The services offered by Gateway International are compassionate, and they try to maintain a lasting relationship with the student in a foreign land.


GI is a massive relief to all those parents who are afraid to send their children to other countries. They have stood the test of water by assisting more than 23,000 students by joining them in more than 600 prestigious universities and is tied up with more than 300 recruitment partners.


Students' safety, welfare, and well-being are the primary concerns of Gateway International, which ensures that all the students have the best time of their lives in a foreign land.


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